Virtual Merch Table Series

“Manning Your Virtual Merch Table” is a series of marketing articles aimed at helping artists to connect more deeply with those showing an interest in their music.

Music Merch Table
Image Credit: Nick Sherman

It is based on the idea that your online presence is very much like a physical merchandise table at a live show. Various types of people pass by, from casual listeners to passionate fans. The mix of who they are, who they meet, and what they’re offered can easily make or break the relationship that each individual develops with an artist and their music.

The Virtual Merch Table series covers 3 core elements that are crucial to developing a growing base of life long fans:

  • The spectrum of people you’re catering to, including key differences in how they’ll react to your approach,
  • How variety of price and product are crucial to attracting the attention of those you connect with,
  • How (and who) you choose to promote not only what’s on your merch table but also your future with a potential fan.

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